Why Amazon is the Best Option For Online Sellers?

The economic slowdown and financial crisis have also caused e-commerce sellers to take a closer look at the list of fees, commissions, instruments, etc. To make a more informed decision about choosing an Amazon platform for selling. 

Amazon's revenue from third-party vendors continues to grow at the same rate as total revenue (30-35% per year). Amazon has significantly exceeded industry growth which can be checked by amazon sales tracker.

Cost structure and price format: Amazon's average cost is higher and Amazon's fee structure is easier to understand. There are monthly payments and commissions based on fixed prices. This makes the Amazon market more attractive to suppliers with high volume / high rotation goods. 

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Better customers: Amazon customers have proven to be more loyal and pay a higher average price for the item. This is a very interesting reason for online providers to choose the Amazon platform. Amazon helps to protect customer information and provide direct marketing to increase customer revenue and profitability.

Another reason that is easier to understand is that Amazon's costs are higher. Because sellers tend to maintain their prices, the prices of these items on Amazon are on average higher than on other platforms. In any case, online providers need to know that Amazon customers are less picky about prices than other customers.