What Is Website Design Development?

Website design refers to a process consisting of various steps to launch and popularize a website. This is done to make the website launch and succeed on the World Wide Web by increasing rankings and visibility. 

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Domain registration: This is the first and most important activity to do. Buy a domain name for the website. The name should be related to your business or product so that people can easily get an idea of your business just by looking at your domain name. Here are some of the main characteristics of a good domain name.

  • Unique

  • Easy to read

  • Relevant

  • Create a site

Websites are created and designed after receiving a domain name. These are the two main activities carried out at the initial level. Both require technical knowledge and experience. Professional IT developers provide various website templates to choose from. 

You have to choose the one that suits your business and product. Then they practically create a website based on the selected template. The overall theme, design and layout are finalized before content is added.

Logo design: A website only looks professional if it includes a company logo. Logo designers are tasked with developing a unique but attractive logo for the company that can be placed on the main page of the website.