What Is The Difference Between Assurance and Referral?

This question caused no little trouble back in 2015 when Uber chose to change the uber referral reward approach without telling anyone, offering guarantees, not a straight-up bonus. They've since fixed the problem, but we still want to make you aware of that guarantee and the direction is not the same thing. Here's the difference:

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In guarantee, if you are below that amount in the end to reach that number of trips, Uber will see the distinction. However, if you are at or above that amount, you will not receive any extra.

A referral must, unless otherwise stated, the assurance that the amount offered is above and beyond your income. So, if you have to get your referral $ 200, $ 200 must be added to your income at the end of the 30 day period, assuming you meet the criteria.

This is a good reason to read the fine print and make sure you ask Uber questions about what you get with your referral code.


Driving for Lyft or Uber can be a pretty lucrative career if you're willing to do the job. Earning money by driving is interesting, but what is even more interesting is the kick-start of that career with a bonus. Do not miss out on your bonus! Be a driver today and make sure you use the referral code to earn extra money.