Top 3 Things To Consider While Selecting A Wedding Venue In Cardiff

Venue size

The amount of guests you're planning to invite for your wedding is an important factor in selecting the location. You'll definitely need more space in case you plan to host large numbers of guests. In many venues, you can have a marquee on the grounds to accommodate weddings with larger numbers. 

If you're planning to have a smaller, more intimate wedding, with only a few guests, some locations have designated rooms to accommodate this. After all the guests and you do not want to be snorting around. Then you should definitely visit to find the best wedding venue in Cardiff.

Wedding venue location

One of the things you should take into consideration is the place of your wedding. If you're planning to marry in a church, the location of your reception isn't too far away for guests to travel and not get lost. The best way to guard that this doesn't happen is to offer transportation. Also, remember to give maps to all.

The number of guests

Make sure the venue you're considering hiring has enough capacity for the number of guests you'll be invited to at least the morning breakfast as well as the reception afterward. Find out if the location is suitable for people with disabilities or older children as well as young ones.

Find out if the venue can offer a room that is free for couples to unwind or change? Verify that the venue offers plenty of parking, or provide guests with the closest parking location in the event that the parking lot is filled.