Tips for Roller Derby Beginners

The derby roller which began in the early 90s now is one of the most popular team sports throughout the world. From sports entertainment, Roller Derby has come a long way to become a professional sport. This is a dominant sport played by women and sometimes men. One of the main factors behind the growing popularity of exercise is that it is based on the right combination of athletic and aggression.

Players' clothes

The clothes worn by derby roller girls can vary according to their style and personal choice. Some girls prefer to wear something called "roller hooker" which includes short skirts, mesh tights, and knee highs. Girls are looking for sportsier sticks with high knees and sports shoes. You can navigate for buying the best roller skating services.

Protective tool

Because the derby roller is an aggressive sport, the possibility of falling and high injury. Therefore, you need the right protective accessories to stay safe. Helmets are a must have protective equipment that is important to protect your head, face and mouth during a collision or fall. In addition to helmets, you might also need protective pads such as elbow pads, knee pads, mouth guards, guards and shin shoes.  

The right age to play

There is no certain age to play Derby roller. Starting from teenagers to women in the late 40s they can comfortably play the game. It's all about how fit and willing to provide the best for sports. Do you understand the game? Can you play skates quickly and provide competition that is difficult for the opposition? If not, are you willing to improve yourself? If yes, then no matter how old you are, you are just a perfect woman to become a good player.