The Different Types of Cranes

Crane hire can provide cranes of many types. It is important to understand the purpose of each crane. Although they might look new, cranes were used for moving weights using pulleys or levers. 

Cranes were used by the Romans to construct large monuments. Medieval churches were also built with cranes. We will be looking at both the simple and more complex uses of cranes in this article.

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The mobile crane is a simple crane. It has a boom with a telescopic extension that can be mounted on a platform. The boom will be raised by pulleys or levers. Usually, a hook is located at the crane's end. Mobile cranes can be easily transported and lifted by crane rental companies. Mobile cranes can have either caterpillar or railroad tracks-compatible wheels.

You can use the mobile crane for earthmoving or demolition. The hook at the end can be replaced with a ball or wrecking bucket depending on the job. Both truck-mounted cranes and rough terrain cranes can also be used as mobile cranes. 

Truck-mounted cranes will be equipped with outriggers that keep them stable when in use. The base of a crane designed for rough terrain is similar to that of a 4WD vehicle. They are useful for transporting materials.

Loader cranes consist of hydraulic-powered booms that attach to trailers. They load goods onto the trailer, and then the joints of each boom can be folded down when not in use. These cranes are similar to telescopic cranes in that there might be a section that makes use of a telescope.