The Corrosion Of High Nickel Alloys

In this paper, the entire contents acid are described in weight percent of HCl. Corrosion rates are described in milligrams per square decimeter per day (mdd) and inches penetration per year. 

The second unit depends on the inclusion of regular exposure over 24 hours a year on a metal surface. You can buy Nickel Alloy Procurement from RJ Technical company.

Converting MADD ipy to a metal or alloy is carried out using the following formula:

Mdd x (0.001437) / d = ipy

Here d is the metal density in grams per cubic cm.

The alloy corrosion rates Monel 400 and nickel at room temperature are almost identical up to 10% acid content. In this limit the content, the corrosion rate of these materials in airless solutions are generally lower than 0.01 mpa. 

The rates of these metals are significantly increased by saturating the solutions with air. For the upper acid content of 15%, the corrosion rate of Monel alloy 400 starts to increase quite quickly.

At the same, the applications of the alloy 400 at room temperature will normally restrict less than 10% contained in gaseous solutions to less than 20% in solutions without air.

Nickel Monel 400 is better than in the resistance to hydrochloric acid content provides more than 20% of the ambient temperature t, probably due to less solubility nickel chloride or cupric chloride cuprous in these percentages of content acid. 

The solubility of chlorides in HCl solutions are Seidell are analyzed. The data show that the corrosion nickel can normally find appropriate uses in acidic conditions of more than 30% acid content, both aerated and non-aerated at room temperature.