The Air Duct Cleaning Process in Greensboro

To ensure that you are comfortable with the quality of the air entering your lungs, be aware of the process of cleaning the ducts. 

Before you clean

Routine system checks on the air inflow system provide background information about the ductwork, ventilation, and help identify any problems in the airflow system. The air duct cleaning company in Greensboro may recommend sealing air leaks in your ducts. This will save you money and reduce your utility bills. 

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An electrostatic or high-efficiency pleated filter can be used to replace a fiberglass filter that is clogged. A mold inspection could reveal a problem with the air ducts. A biocide can be used to clean ductwork made from sturdy sheet metal ducts. However, it is not recommended for use on fiberglass ductwork.

Make Negative Pressure

Vacuum cleaning uses compressed air to clean the vacuum. This creates negative pressure and removes dirt and debris. The dust articles can be emitted to the outdoors, but indoor exhaust must be cleaned with a HEPA-filtered vacuum. Sometimes the whole system may be subjected to negative pressure in order to remove dirt and debris.

Clean other components

Ask your service provider to clean your heating and cooling system components. This includes the heat exchanger surface, side of the cooling coil, coil fins and drains pan, and cabinet interior. Dryer vent cleaning can also reduce the risk of fire. 

Any equipment containing asbestos must be handled only by trained and qualified personnel. You can use an approved EPA sanitizer to clean the interior of the ducts or the ventilation system. Please be aware of the safety and health issues associated with the components of registered antimicrobial products.