Tips for Checking the Refrigerator Seal

Although often overlooked, replacing the refrigerator door seal is an important task that must be done if the old seal is damaged. The best way to check if the seal is broken is through a visual inspection. Simply check the commercial fridge door door seal to look for for leaks or cracks in the seal allowing fresh air to enter the refrigerator.  

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Oftentimes, these spills are very sticky when spilled and can cause the seal to expand beyond its capacity, causing it to burst and allowing fresh air to enter your refrigerator. If the refrigerator drain is clogged, excess water will also drain from the drip pan and spill over to the back of the refrigerator and to the bottom of the refrigerator. 

If this area overflows, it will leak through the seal, leaving excess moisture on the seal, which can also damage the seal over time. If the gasket of the refrigerator is cracked or there is a gap, it will cause the refrigerator to operate excessively because it has to work harder to cool the warm air that enters the refrigerator.

This, in turn, leads to higher electricity bills and shortens the life of the refrigerator or freezer itself. If there are easy-to-follow online instructions, as well as ordering door seals online by refrigerator make and model, it would be foolish to let your refrigerator continue to have a broken seal while replacing it is usually simple and inexpensive to process.