What Happens During The Pick And Pack Process?

The Pick and Pack process includes material handling, incoming inspections, warehousing, inventory tracking, collation, assembly, order processing, and shipping. 

A collect and pack in Canada offers multiple choices of packaging designed to keep an item safe during the transit and delivery process. Most centers have an automated order processing and inventory control system that interfaces with the client for automated order processing. 

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This gives the client the ability to view inventory online and receive shipment tracking at any given time. Automated reports are sent to clients daily with shipment and tracking information for each product. 

What To Look For When Choosing A Partner?

1. Do They Specialize?

Some companies that offer Pick and Pack services specialize in working with small businesses while others cater to multi-channel corporations. Then some do it all. Ask the appropriate questions to make sure you choose a partner who can meet your specific needs.

2. Order Accuracy

A well-run facility will be able to provide reports showing what their accuracy rate is. The best are those who are 100% very close. If they can consistently deliver with this kind of error-proof track record it is a good sign they're truly an expert in this service.

Pick and Pack Services may seem like an easy task but you’ll quickly find how much is involved when you start to ask the right questions. Finding a partner that can accommodate your specific needs will give you peace of mind as your business grows.