Tips For Landscaping in Vancouver For Your Second Home

So, you are looking for a second home. Maybe you will live there part-time or move in when you retire. How much work should you invest in landscaping your second home in Vancouver since you won't be there full-time? It all depends on how the landscaping is doing and whether you plan to rent out or live there full-time.

You might find the house in foreclosure or bank-owned with poor landscaping. It may also be in good condition and will require minimal maintenance. You may have rented it with very little landscaping. No matter what type of property you own, it is important to evaluate the current landscaping condition. You can take help from professionals available at

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You could have a disregarded landscape or a high-end outdoor living area where the owners value professional landscaping and invest in custom design and installation. The current state in second-home landscaping falls under three categories:

1) The Clean Slate

These properties may be homes that have not been landscaped, other than a few trees and shrubs or gravel. These are properties where the owners didn't value landscaping improvements like a patio or nice fencing. It is possible that there are still many native plants in their natural state.

2) Remodel

It is possible that your new home has a concrete driveway, brick patios and block walls. You could have hired professional landscapers to install it, or you could build some of the improvements yourself. It's common for a landscape to need a renovation or makeover because it isn't working for the new owner. 

3) The Acceptable Landmark

It is possible that the home was fully landscaped, with drain lines, an irrigation system and a lawn. The decking was also maintained by either the owner or a maintenance company. This kind of landscape is easy to maintain.