Affordable Play Pens For Kids in Singapore

Usually, a playpen not only can be utilized to take care of the baby but also very useful as a space divider. This feature is a favorite particularly when the infant starts to crawl.

Before purchasing a playpen please check the assembly clip, it should clip tight and strong. It will ensure safety rather than falling over the baby. You can look for affordable playpen for babies in Singapore and baby play yard via RaaB Family Official Online Store.

Wooden playpens although is a traditional type but it is expensive in comparison to steel and plastic. People bought wooden design playpen because they want the color blend along with other furniture. 



Wooden playpen hard to put on and off, it used to twist, usually, the parent won't bring it as a mobile nursery. The most playpen comes with a music control panel.

Not just plays music but it is can also be used as a vibrator to make the baby sleep. Now you can play your iPod by plug it into the music control panel. Apart from playing the baby song, you can play music from iPod, and not only that, in addition, it can record your voice.


Read manufacturer's recommendation on age, weight, assembly education. Assessing used playpen and the new one, prefer the new one, because the recent one is going to meet the new safety requirement.

Keep away from playpen with bolt, sharp pinch, or edges that may cut the finger. Make sure the internet is mosquito-type netting and it won't make any strangulation, which can harm the baby. The joint and end of metal tubes should cover with a plastic cap.