What Is A Gm Airbag Class Action Lawsuit?

A GM airbag class action lawsuit is an issue with the airbags used in automobiles made by General Motors. According to a lawsuit filed by the U.S. government, GM used faulty parts that caused ruptures in the airbags during emergency situations and would not inflate properly, causing people to be severely injured or killed.

Why Should You Care About GM Airbag Class Action Lawsuits?

If you own a GM car with an airbag, you may be eligible to join a class-action lawsuit. This is because GM allegedly designed its airbags to fail in a way that could cause them to deploy without warning. As a result, drivers and passengers may have been injured or killed. You can also navigate http://gminjurylawsuitcenter.com to know about gm airbag class action lawsuits.

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If you are interested in joining a GM airbag class action lawsuit, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer can provide you with information about the case and help you determine if you are eligible to participate.

GM Airbag Class Action Lawsuit Background

A recent GM airbag lawsuit alleges that the automaker knowingly installed defective airbags in its vehicles. The suit was filed by a group of individuals who are claiming personal injury and wrongful death due to faulty airbags.

According to the complaint, GM knew about the defect but did nothing to fix it. In fact, the suit alleges that GM “knew or should have known” about the defect in 2007. Furthermore, the plaintiffs allege that GM deliberately concealed information about the airbag defect from consumers.

The GM airbag class action lawsuit is just one of many similar lawsuits that have been filed against automakers in recent years. These lawsuits allege that automakers knew about defects in their products but chose not to take any action.