Cold Laser Therapy: What You Need To Know?

If you have an injury that causes pain and inflammation, you may benefit from working with a healthcare professional, like a physical therapist or chiropractor, to help you recover. Your therapist may use a variety of treatments to help decrease your pain and improve blood flow to inflamed tissue. One such treatment is called cold laser therapy.

Cold laser therapy is a type of treatment in which low-intensity light is applied to your body, typically over injured or inflamed tissue. The low-intensity light, referred to as "cold laser," is thought to improve blood flow and decrease pain and inflammation to injured tissues.

Cold laser therapy should not be confused with a high-intensity laser that a surgeon may use to cut through tissues. The light-emitting diodes in cold laser therapy are not powerful enough to cut tissue, but they are strong enough to penetrate your skin and promote healing after injury.

When deciding to have cold last therapy for your injury, your healthcare provider should explain to you the goals of the treatment. Also, they should discuss with you the expected benefits and risks associated with cold laser therapy.

Pros of cold laser therapy include:

  • Treatment is not invasive.
  • Treatment is typically painless.
  • Cold laser therapy may help your injury heal faster.

Thus, having realistic expectations of using cold laser therapy for your injury can help you make an informed decision as to whether to have the treatment or not.