You can Print just by Using your Smartphone

Brisbane Commercial printers

Driven by technology and surrounded by technology, we live in a fast-pace world where everything happens with just the touch of a button. One of the most interesting gadgets that has gained a lot of popularity over the years is the printer. It is the device that allows us to print various kinds of documents, PFD files and more. One of the major benefits offered by the printer isn’t just the printing ability by touching the button but also from our phones. Here are few ways you can still print by using your smartphone.

  1. Canon Printer – Owning a canon printer is known to be easy to use especially to those who lack technical knowledge. When it comes to printing with the phone, you can use the download the Canon printer app. Open the app, connect your phone with the printer, select your document or image you want to print and simply press “print”. In a matter of seconds, your hard copy will be printed just like that.
  2. HP Printers – HP printer has its own software that allows easy connectivity with the smartphone. At the time of connecting the phone with the printer, both need to be connected to the same network for easier access. However, new HP models are equipped with a feature called HP Wireless Direct made for easier connectivity. Moreover, if you use an iPhone, then you can get access with the HP printers by simply printing documents via the AirPrint.

Commercial printers in Brisbane also offer this feature while printing out documents after connecting with a smartphone.