New Technology is Making Traditional Wood and Cement Walls Obsolete

The traditional house in the United States is made of wood. The wood is on the walls and the roof. Wood has been the material of choice for home "building and spaces" ( which is also known as "bygning og mellomrom" in Norwegian language) for many years because it is cheap, offers reasonable strength, and is easy to use.

Since modern technology provides us with new possibilities for building houses, we need to question the use of wood as a major structural component. 

By developing better cement manufacturing methods and making it easier for the cement to build walls, contractors can now build houses that are made almost entirely of concrete. 

Traditional cement walls do not replace traditional wooden walls, because, with the help of an insulating concrete form (ICF), contractors are providing their customers with a new type of wall that is strong and energy-efficient. 

The stacked foam beams form a reinforced concrete wall which is very well insulated. ICF concrete walls start as a foam and resemble a huge Lego set with wood material. 

After the cement is poured into the center and dried, it will bond permanently to the foam. Super strong insulated wood walls are much better than traditional cement walls.

The concrete wood construction technique can be used to create any lifestyle. There are new and better ways for contractors to build homes and provide homeowners with homes that fit their chosen environment.