How To Pick The Right Beer For Your Gift Pack

Give the gift of beer. A thoughtfully curated gift pack with beer makes a great gift for family and friends as well as coworkers. How do you choose the right beer?

These tips will help choose the right beer for your gift pack.

  • Look Local

Beer lovers love locally brewed beer, especially if it isn't sold elsewhere. Spend some time researching beers that are well-received by the people who live in the area. There is likely to be a local favorite beer in your area, no matter how small or large. You might consider buying a beer from a special place to make the gift pack memorable. You may get the best gift pack via

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It could be a gift for a friend's birthday, a graduation gift for a college friend, or an anniversary gift with beer from the place where they first met. You can be creative!

  • Ask an expert

You can always ask for assistance if you're looking to put together your beer pack by yourself. You can ask for help if you know what beer style you want (light, dark or hoppy, rich, etc.). A beer expert should be able to help you.

A craft brew shop is a great place to go if you're looking for beers to add to a gift pack. These employees are more knowledgeable and passionate about their stock.

You can also use many online resources for craft beer research and to compare prices, styles, popularity, and other factors.

  • Keep it simple

You can choose from a pre-curated sampler package, such as this birthday beer gift hamper if you're not sure what beer style or brand you want to include in your pack.

You can leave the decision-making to the experts and let them put together a selection of popular beers. For both novice and experienced beer drinkers, it can be fun to try different beers.