Accounting Services Firms Available to Businesses in Singapore

Are you looking for an accountant to help your business? You might consider outsourcing your business to help you save money, just like other small-business owners. You can hire accounting services from a few companies. One example is a full-service accounting company.

A company that offers multiple services to businesses in all industries is called a full-service accounting firm. This firm offers accounting services in Singapore that may include taxation, auditing, and payroll, financial accounting, management accounting, and bookkeeping.

Many full accounting firms are large corporations with international branches. They manage many departments. These firms are not affected by economic recessions because of their diverse approach to running businesses. Many similar businesses exist in Singapore that specialize in small businesses and helps them grow.

Another type of business that provides accounting services is a tax firm. Tax firms are specialists in taxation only. There are sub-sections within the firm that offer individual tax accounting services, such as tax consultancy, estate planning, and individual tax compliance. These firms target large corporations and wealthy individuals.

Audit firms are very important and common. They are responsible for reviewing and auditing financial statements. They then provide their opinions about the audits that they have performed. Auditing firms, just like tax firms, are sub-classified in specific areas, such as financial, IT and tax compliance, operation, pension, etc.