Railway Track Maintenance Services

Ballast Redistribution

Ballasts can carry wheel loads and railroads. It also provides a stable surface for the rails to rest on. In addition, railroad drainage relies on crushed stone. 

Therefore, if the contamination level of crushed stone is between 20-30% and drainage is disturbed or mud appears, it must be cleaned or redistributed. The common way is to clean and add ballast to make it compact and flexible and have good drainage efficiency. You can also search online for experienced railroad contractors near you from TRAC.

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According to different parts, ballast cleaning can be divided into two types: bottom cleaning and bottomless cleaning, and side ballast cleaning and whole section ballast cleaning. 

Duct maintenance is mainly carried out without damaging the bottom and cleaning the sleeper box and ballast on the side ramp. According to the machine, the cleaning of the ballast bed can be divided into manual cleaning, machines for cleaning small side slopes, and large cleaning units.

Base stabilization

Road maintenance and repair, drainage and protection, and reinforcement equipment.

Fix intersections and linear signs

Adequate maintenance of the railroad tracks ensures that the rails are functioning "properly". Daily inspection is a routine inspection that is carried out periodically. 

Regular inspection, comprehensive inspection of the linear system in spring and autumn. The results of the fall review are the first data to prepare the equipment technical dossier and the basis for formulating a maintenance work plan for the following year. 

Specific checks include rail condition, track dynamics, track profile, and track level testing.