Pros of Having a Wedding at a Kohler Wedding Venue

When planning your wedding, it's important to consider what venues will work best for you and your guests. One of the most popular choices for wedding venues in Sheboygan County is Kohler Wedding Venues. Here are some pros and cons to consider before making a decision: 

Kohler Wedding Venues are beautiful and unique, perfect for couples who want something special. The gardens and grounds are perfect for photos and video opportunities, and the ballroom can accommodate up to 300 guests. You can also choose wedding venues in Sheboygan online.

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There are several unique features about their venue that make it one of our favorite spots for a wedding: there is no dress code or minimum age requirement; they provide tables and chairs and have a full kitchen; they have a banquet room for larger events if needed.

The Historic CornersThere are several quaint locations that make great alternatives to Sheboygan's 5 stars on the popular list. The most romantic is probably The Historic Corners at the corner of Church Street and Washington Street.

There are multiple sites here, with options ranging from city hall to various churches and homes. With no parking and narrow streets, it can be difficult to find a place to park nearby and there is typically not much foot traffic in this area, so it's not always the best idea for photos at night.