Oceanic Rituals And Masks

Oceanic art history is very rich in mythological and cosmogonic base complex systems. Religion and ritual greatly affect every aspect of life Oceanic, and their relationship to art, especially close.

Instill religious symbolism is not only the object, dance, and speech used in the ritual but also the materials and tools used to create them. 

Many galleries defined Oceanic ritual objects, especially oceanic masks  used in ritual. Masks of different sea rituals and functions to be displayed. 

oceanic masks

Image Source: Google

What they made shows that they only use the materials from their environment to make them and because the major art form of Oceania are wooden sculptures, most of these masks are made of wood. organic materials such as human hair, leaves, and some paint are added.

The most productive areas to find this mask are Melanesia and Polynesia; Interestingly, the masks are common in the former, but rarely in the latter. Many cultures in the Melanesia Oceanic use most time of the year to honor the spirits or ancestors. 

The mask is one of the main ritual objects that can be used to represent the features of the deceased, whether to honor them and to build relationships through a mask with the spirit world.

Sometimes they are used to force a new spirit to die to go to the spirit world. Masks are also made to protect the dead people by terrifying away evil spirits.