How to Find a Reputable Contractor For Waterproofing Services

Home waterproofing is a solid investment to make in your home. Reasonable spending now can avoid devastating costs and losses in the future. However, as in any industry, you first need to make sure you have obtained a reputable contractor. There are several companies in the industry that are more populated with salespeople than trained waterproofing professionals. They specialize in closing multiple deals and often provide poor service in a "one size fits all" form.

One solution does not fit all and a reputable waterproofing service provider understands this. When looking for a company to schedule a consultation with, there are a few red flags to look out for. You can browse Mistermembrane for more information on waterproofing services in Sydney.

First, if the person on the phone will only schedule the consultation if the two adults making the decisions are present, you are speaking with a company that is primarily concerned with making the sale. A reputable company would not require this.

 Second, consultation and inspection should take less than an hour. However, sales-oriented organizations will ask you to set aside two hours or more. This is because they are working long enough to overcome your objections and seal a deal before you can get another quote from a competitor.

During the inspection, be prepared with the pertinent questions, depending on the recommended waterproofing services. For example, if they recommend sealing basement walls, be sure to find out if they intend to repair the cracks in the foundation first.

 If they recommend an outdoor repair, be sure to ask what type of excavation plan they will follow. The use of mini excavation equipment and manual excavation is acceptable; however, commercial excavation equipment for a residential waterproofing project is not appropriate.