Get Chiropractic Treatment For Neck Pain

Neck pain can be a common condition that can cause missed work, sleep problems, and the inability for people to take part in everyday activities. Chiropractor care for neck problems may be able to help you identify the root cause of your pain and fix it. 

This can lead to pain relief and improved quality of life. Neck pain can be caused by aging, general wear-and-tear arthritis (such as facet syndrome, facet joint arthritis), tight muscle (spasm, guarding), poor posture, or herniated disks. You can book your appointment with Dr. Ricky! for neck pain.

A neck problem can cause pain that radiates into the head, traps and shoulders, arms, hands, and arms. It may mimic tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome pain.

A chiropractor will conduct a thorough musculoskeletal history as well as a physician to determine the cause of neck pain. The chiropractor will assess the patient's tenderness, range, and motion, as well as neurologic function.

An imaging study may include x-rays or an MRI to examine the soft and bony tissue anatomy. The chiropractor will be able to tailor a treatment plan that is specific to the needs of the patient once the root cause has been identified.

The most common treatment options include physical rehabilitation, chiropractic adjustments, PT/Rehab, and stretching.

The treatments can also include heat/ice and electrical stimulation, laser therapy, and massage therapy.

Chiropractic care is safe and effective for treating neck pain. Research has shown that patients are more likely than not to have an adverse event due to chiropractic neck treatment to cause injury.