Get an iPhone Back Camera Repaired In An Easy Way

When you've damaged the back camera on your own iPhone or simply it's simply playing up and eventually becoming undependable then we can help. Our highly skilled technicians can replace the rear camera on almost any iPhone version. 

There are around 45 steps essential to eliminate the old rear-facing camera and replace it with a brand new one. For repairing the phone’s rear camera our technician will probably need around 40 minutes to finish the full procedure. 


We offer service support for all issues ranging from battery replacement, charging, and water damage, and even audio-associated issues to IOS renewal and same-day Display replacement. We mend broken or damaged iPhones either in and outside of warranty (if a phone is outside warranty or so the repair isn't included in your warranty, a fee applies). 

Iphones ideally need to be serviced with genuine pieces. We simply utilize Apple genuine components and will deal with minor issues in store. For much more severe damage, your iPhone may possibly have to be exchanged in a general unit for a very competitive exchange price.

In such instances, the iPhone needs to be diagnosed to understand the nature of the issue before proceeding. It's also feasible for the entire device to be substituted at a particular price. Tariffs may differ based on the warranty & temperament of the problem. Please do see your nearest service center to receive your iPhone diagnosis.