Find Out the Outdoor Ping Pong Table

If you are considering playing table tennis outdoors in the fresh air, you should know that there are some differences in the style of outdoor table tennis compared to what you are used to. This difference stems from the different environments in which the table tennis table is set. You can also find the outdoor ping pong tables via

An indoor ping pong table installed anywhere in your home is usually unaffected by the time of day and your style of play. However, outside play soon began to cause both of these problems.

Butterfly Europa 25 Ping Pong Table

Here are the most noticeable differences when playing table tennis outdoors:

The first reason why it's better to play table tennis only outside during the warmer months of the year is that table tennis requires a lot of exercise and in cold weather, your clothing can affect the speed of your reflexes. The weight of a ping pong missile is another motive for the above statement, as several meteorological influences – especially wind – will affect your accuracy.

Playing pong indoors has its advantages, as most homes have air conditioning and can protect against heat and sun. Since you can't use this feature outdoors, it's always a good idea to place your ping pong table under an umbrella or even a tree in the grass or garden. With a shadow on your table, you can not only play for hours in a row but also protect the table tennis table.

The most important accessories include a canopy, wheels, and a spirit level. They will definitely come in handy when you want to move the table or the surface on which you are laying it is uneven.