Eliminating The Superbugs With High Tech LED Lighting Systems

Among the largest challenges with MRSA and other superbugs such as the one running through India at this time, is that the antibiotics aren't working, they have adapted.  

Straightforward solutions that have worked previously are not working anymore.  Worse, a number of the anti-inflammatory antibacterial hand-soaps lotions and are just killing the bacteria that are good and the stronger MRSA has a much simpler time doing its harm. You can even know more about ultraviolet illumination disinfection via https://izakscientific.com/ultraviolet-light-disinfection/ from the engineers.


And as awful as all this is, there's at least some fantastic news on the horizon. We are aware that UV light is a really wise way to kill germs directly?  

Well, apparently the LED light in these wavelengths at the spectrum is much more detrimental to these superbugs.   

The MRSA has been established in basic school baths, HS locker rooms, and neighborhood gyms.  That is scary stuff.  

With luck, this finding and following research could be obtained to a completely different level.

Maybe, a multi-frequency bombardment on the skin could be the ideal way to knock on the MRSA back to next week.  

It is a logical, perfect feeling, and perhaps that might be the start of the vibrational medicine that some futurists have been speaking about? 

Why not, there are a lot of chances with such a discovery, so, this may be the beginning of something good.  Please consider all of this.