Different Types of Exciting Bounce Houses

Bounce houses can be fun, colorful and provide entertainment for great birthday parties. There are many options, but the best ones will give your children excitement, fun, and thrills. 

A giant inflatable can be made in any shape you like, including a kangaroo and a tunneled castle. It doesn't matter what shape you choose, you will have lots of fun for a reasonable price.

There are many options available to suit different age groups. You should choose the one that best suits your home before you purchase. It is important to determine what type of inflatable you can have in your backyard. You can also check more than 20 inflatable games for rent online.

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Let's take a look at some of the rentals that are available.

1. Puzzle Bounce Homes

Puzzle inflatables are made of jigsaw shapes that children have to navigate. This bounce house is great for children between 2 and 4. They're safe, fun, and stimulate their curiosity.

2. Jumping Inflatable

This is a favorite of all children. Children love to jump up and down on inflatables that can take them high up in the air. This is a great sport but it is not recommended to be done with very young children. Children aged 6 years and older can enjoy these bounces.

3. Bungee Run

This inflatable is great for children who enjoy running. The rope allows for only a limited distance. You can choose from different colors or run lengths. This is the perfect place for kids who are interested in racing.

4. Slide Style Inflatable

Sliders are a favorite toy for children from 2 years old and up. Sliders come in a variety of heights, and can also be purchased in different lengths. Consider your children's age when choosing the right inflatable for them.