Best Skylight Installation Service

Skylights are not very expensive to purchase; the installation makes the bulk of the purchase. It may be recommended that a licensed contractor fits the skylight.

Most installations involve just three easy steps. First, you need to determine the location and cut an opening into the roof and the ceiling. Then, the skylight unit has to be attached to the roof, making sure all connections are sealed. And lastly, the light shaft from the roof to the ceiling has to be made with drywall or paneling. If you want to install the skylights properly, get in touch with skilled skylights contractors.

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Complex skylight shafts, however, can take a lot of time to construct. Structural work may have to be done or roof-framing may need to be altered to create the light tunnel. This cannot be attempted at home even if you consider yourself very skilled. It's best in such cases to get help from a professional installation agency. Most manufacturers offer installation services.

While installing skylights, you must keep in mind that even the most energy-efficient skylights have to be very correctly installed to ensure that the maximum energy work is achieved. This is the reason that it is advised to have a professional install your skylight.

Another important factor to be kept in mind at the time of installation is that water leaks are a common problem with skylights. In order to avoid leakage, you should ensure that the skylight is mounted above the surface of the roof and that a curb is installed. A curb is a raised, watertight grip that deflects the rainwater. You should also ensure that all joints are permanently sealed.