Arthritis Treatments And Causes

Arthritis is yet another of the frequent lower back pain causes. Frequently osteoarthritis of the spine or rheumatoid arthritis is usually a direct reason for lower back pain. Those who suffer from arthritis in other joints like the hips or knees could also have lower back pain as a consequence of unusual means of walking to compensate for the joint problem.

There are a few problems that people may have had since childhood, which sometimes develop into chronic back pain later in life. Such as a difference in the length of the legs, irregularities of the feet, hips or pelvis, and spondylolisthesis (a slipped vertebra).

Apart from this there are lots of other more peculiar lower back pain causes. There could be an infection in the spine or an illness like spinal stenosis or degenerative disc disease. It is very important go to your doctor if you have severe pain or any pain that continues for longer than you expect, or even pain that is combined with other symptoms.


One thing you can do to help with back pain and even arthritis is o use all-natural remedies. One of those is hemp based cbd creams. A good cbd product can help alleviate swelling and inflammation in joints. Many people have chosen this all-natural method of pain management. However, you should explore all options available to you.