All About The Industry-First Multipro Tailgate

The GMC Sierra is now coming with an excellent new tailgate that may be a deciding part for several truck buyers.  MultiPro is the most established tailgate in GMC history, helping you work, play, and live like a pro. 

Originally built of aluminum, the segment's original tailgate can be configured in such a way that it makes loading easy and offers support in every situation. You can also browse Tailgate Fix to know more about multipro tailgates.

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Here are some main functions of multipro tailgate:

1. Main gate

If you're worried that this tailgate is too sophisticated or too fancy for you, you'll be happy to know that it originally worked with the modern GMC Sierra. The greatest thing that stands out is that the designers have integrated a new touchpad into the design. You can open or close the MultiPro tailgate with the push of a button to unlock the tailgate itself, a button on the dashboard, or a button on the remote control keychain. The best tailgate in its segment uses torsion springs and shock absorbers that are easy to raise and lower.

2. Stop the load

Do you need to pull a longer item like plywood? No problem. The MultiPro uses a load limiter inside the tailgate to prevent objects from sliding out of the back of the truck. Folding it upright to create a vertical block for the longer elements.

3. Easy access

If you lower the MultiPro's inner door while the main door is also down, you can move the 7-9 closer to the truck bumper for easier access to the bed for stacking and positioning cargo, or for loading and unloading heavy items.