About Medical Education Online

Students who wish to become first responders to the scene of an accident have many educational options open to them. Working in this career requires a high level of attention. Online college programs are available to prepare students to become emergency medical technicians. Online education prepares students to become EMTs by training them to assess and handle emergencies.

The goal of EMT is to provide medical support to patients en route to the hospital. This includes determining if patients have a pre-existing condition. Treatment at the scene is based on a person’s age, weight, and sustained injuries. Online education gives students the ability to complete some web-based courses.

The high level of hands-on experience required students to complete clinical training at a traditional college. Students working through basic EMT certification should expect to complete a course load that equals approximately hours. Education focuses on training students for basic life support tasks.

Through specific courses and hands-on training, students learn specific emergency skills such as controlling airway obstruction. Some online courses that can create training may include anatomy and physiology. Students receive advanced training upon entering the second certification level.

EMT-Intermediate gives students the understanding necessary to care for patients and allows them to conduct certain medical procedures without supervision. Online career training typically involves administering medications in an emergency, the anatomy of the esophagus, and how an electrocardiogram is interpreted.